Artists Guild

Joseph Williams, Coordinator

The CCCG Artists Guild consists of local visual artists who are known for their desire to explore both classical and contemporary mediums and ideas for their craft. For every CCCG concert event, Artists Guild Coordinator Joseph Williams chooses artwork by 1-2 artist(s) to be exhibited throughout the event venue. Each artist is on hand at every event to talk with guests about their artwork, and about their passion.  

Guests are invited to experience art in a new way - as part of the overall event.  As each artist is featured for their overall body of work, each piece is carefully selected by as it relates to the evening's theme.  This special collaboration between the Artists Guild and the Chamber Orchestra helps give the our audience an opportunity to explore sight and sound, thus a complete artistic experience. 

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"Women in the Arts"
JanettMarie, Painter

March 29, 2012
The Rathskeller



"Heavy Metal" at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
August 18, 2011

Carol Tabac Shank, Sculptor

"Our World of Art" at the Westin Hotel Indianapolis
February 17, 2011

Jonathan Scott, Photographer


"Summer Fun!" at the Terrace at Market Tower
July 23, 2009

Julie Cifuentes, Painter


"Rags & Riche$$" at the Westin Hotel
April 16, 2009

 Tim Haggard, Custom Jewelery Designer
Painter, Sculptor


"World Premiere at the Canterbury" at the Canterbury Hotel
January 22, 2009

 Joslyn Virgin, Photographer


"Grand Premiere Event" at the Omni Severin Hotel
August 28, 2009

 Kyle Ragsdale, Painter