Adoption Opportunities

Got room for one more? Adopt the Rose

As with any organization, there are certain costs that we can always expect.  Through our new “Adoption Opportunities” program, you can specify exactly how you’d like your donation to be used.  With each “adoption” you’ll receive a special “Adoption Certification”, and your specified donation will be highlighted in our program, during our events, and on our website.  We just can’t thank you enough.

Not sure where to start?  Here’s our wish list...

o   Adopt our Internet and Web Hosting ($200)
o   Adopt a Press Kit ($250)
o   Help us pay for Business Identity ($400)

Concert Event Support:
o   Adopt an Orchestra Member ($200)
o   Adopt a Featured Artist ($500)
o   Adopt a Featured Chef ($500)
o   Adopt a Featured Soloist ($500)
o   Adopt our Music Stands and Easels ($100-$250)
o   Help us pay for Program Printing ($150-$250)
o   Help us rent Audio/Video Equipment ($200-$500)
o   Help us rent a Performance Venue ($1000-$2500)

In Our Wildest Dreams:
o   Commission a New Piece of Music or Artwork: ($500-$10,000)
o   Help Fund an Educational Outreach Tour ($10,000-$25,000)
o   Adopt Our Executive Director ($40,000)
o   Adopt Our Music Director ($35,000... heck, make it $37,000 and he promises NOT to sing)