About Us

The Story of The Rose of Indianapolis

The Circle City Chamber Group is dedicated to creating new opportunities for young Indianapolis artists, by producing events that bring together the very best of the city's musical, visual, and culinary artists.  Each event offers the seasoned arts patron AND those new to the arts an all-new, all-includive arts evperience like never before... and ALL in just on night!!

We believe that through fostering these artist-community relationships, we can help cultivate a love of, and future for, the arts culture in Indianapolis.

As Indianapolis blossoms into a major metropolis, the need for a wider range of cultural activities and performance opportunities grows along with it.  The goal of Circle City is to offer the growing professional community a balanced diet of audio, visual, and culinary experiences – all in the same night.

Why is the Circle City Chamber Group called "The Rose of Indianapolis"?

A rose is a beautiful flower, yet without each petal of the flower doing its part, the rose can never be complete.  The Circle City Chamber Group is the personification of that balance.  A community needs beautiful art, delicious food, great music, and strong business to be complete and, as the rose cannot be complete without every petal, the Circle City Chamber Group showcases this perfect balance with every event.